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First of all a BIG Thank You for investing in Each Way Tips!

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This is my 4 bet Lucky 15 method that has made a staggering £22,389 in profit

It's been fully tested and EVERY result recorded since February 2017.

Upgrading will give you double the amount of tips each week and only takes an extra 5-10 minutes each day to follow.

This method came about as I was sick of the so called "Experts" in the betting media listing their "top bets" each day only for the public records on the Racing Post to show barely any profit made.

God knows why these betting sites release tips that don't profit, but sadly they do.

I knew I could do better than the big boys and provide the true top 4 bets of the day. Not guesses from someone with an over-inflated ego who gets paid a salary whatever the tips results.

I'm pleased to say that things are going great with Racing Multiplier and we have cleared £22,389 in profit to date!

Introducing, Racing Multiplier...

Forget about the loss, frustration and complexity of other tipsters.

With Racing Multiplier things are VERY different.

Racing Multiplier is perfect for anyone who loves to profit from betting.

Whether you are a horse racing expert or have zero knowledge of horse racing this will work for you.

Racing Multiplier is a unique 4 bet Lucky 15 System which gives you the best bet of the day (Nap), the next best (NB), third best (TB) and an outsider bet.

This 4 step formula has been proven to make up to £6536 a month. Which is frankly life changing money.

The 4 bet Lucky 15 system is explained below...

The 4 Bet Lucky 15 Method Explained...

Please view below for a guide on the four daily tips we give as part of our service...


Shortest odds but high win rate.

Next Best 

Odds often longer than the Nap, strike rate good too.

Third Best 

Incredible profits due to high odds. 


Value pick. Great odds.

All 4 bets placed in an each-way lucky 15 so we profit both if they win or place.

Each of the bet types has been fully tested and proven to profit.

Racing Multiplier blows other racing tipsters out the water.

Because we aren't a national newspaper, very few people see our tips and we stay below the radar.

That means you always get the odds price you need and you get the profits we quote.

Unlike other tipsters this is not theoretical profits, this is REAL cash in your pocket profits.

This is the very best 3 bets and the best outsider bet of the day expertly chosen so you know exactly what bets each day to place to win.

This is what Racing Multiplier Gives You... 

Huge Returns

Racing Multiplier makes up to £6536 a month. With a MASSIVE £22,389 ROI!

No Long Losing Runs!

Our strike rate is 33%. Expect to win frequently.

Easy to Follow

Simply follow our emails sent direct to your inbox.

100% Fully Tested

With over 253 bets fully tested, we know our 4 bet Lucky 15 method will work for you.

Great Odds

We back at a range of odds including a daily outside for huge returns up to 20/1!

Start Small Win Big

With just a £10 start Racing Multiplier makes £2238, or with £100 it makes £22,389

Check out the Feedback from Racing Multiplier Members... 

Dear Pete,

I don't usually write testimonials but after been given three winners in one day at 11/1, 5/1 and 6/1 I have to say this is simply the best service I've ever tried and you can quote me on that. I cleared over £750 on a Lucky 15. After being burned and disappointed by others with tips like this you have me as a member for life.

Robert Carter

Hi Pete,

So far I'm £1360 in profit. Thanks for the great tips you have given. I will be increasing my stakes now I've seen what you can do. Absolutely marvellous tipping. Keep it up!

Mark Wragg

It's early days but so far I have increased my £100 betting bank to £1186. I started initially with £10 level stakes, but I am now betting £20 stakes to your points system. The eachway bets don't win as often as the others but when they do its a big payday. Outstanding so far. 

Mike Brown


30 Day Refund Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Refund Guarantee. If you are unhappy for whatever reason with the Racing Multiplier Upgrade in the first 30 days of purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a full no questions asked refund.

Pete Thompson

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